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    May 16, 2024, 8:15 AM By MOSERS

    Thanks for Joining Us!

    Summer Education Opportunities

    April Hiring Event Was a Success!

    Reminder: Scheduling Appointments in Advance

  • Thanks for Joining Us!

    May 16, 2024, 8:14 AM By MOSERS

    Our fourth annual MOSERS Month wrapped up at the end of April, and it was a success! We appreciate all the support and feedback we received from our members. During the month of April, our MOSERS Month page had more than 6,100 views, and an additional 6,034 members viewed their Annual Benefit Statement due to our campaign efforts. We received valuable feedback from our members with more than 2,700 survey responses, and we selected 10 random winners for our MOSERS Month Prize Pack giveaway! Winners are being contacted and will receive their prize packs by mail.

    Please let your employees know that Annual Benefit Statements are still available online. Employees can access their statements by logging in to myMOSERS, clicking on Online Documents, and then Document Express.

    From all of us at MOSERS, thank you for spreading the word and encouraging your employees to participate! See you next year!

  • Summer Education Opportunities

    May 16, 2024, 8:13 AM By MOSERS

    Encourage your staff to enroll in summer education!

    As an HR rep, you also have an open invitation to attend any member education session. See the enrollment information below. Just call us at (800) 827-1063 or (573) 632-6100 and ask for Debbie at ext. 1231, or email

    We still have seats available at several Ready to Retire in-person seminars and online webinars for this summer. These sessions are designed for general state employees who are within five years of retirement eligibility.

    School is always more fun with a friend! Members are welcome to bring a spouse/guest with them!

    How do members enroll?

    Members can log in to myMOSERS, click on Education Enrollment, then on Ready to Retire, and follow the prompts. Additional dates are also available this fall.

  • April Hiring Event Was a Success!

    May 16, 2024, 8:12 AM By MOSERS

    On April 4, our educators, John Wells and Amber Arnold, represented MOSERS at the State of Missouri Hiring Event in Jefferson City. We were excited about the opportunity to tell prospective state employees about all the benefits we administer, including pension, life insurance, and long-term disability.

    Representatives from 21 different state agencies attended this hiring event, which allowed over 293 job seekers to engage with recruiters and receive assistance in their job search. Fifty of those job seekers also received resume support. The state recruiters conducted 2,397 conversations and 181 on-site interviews, with 28 conditional job offers made on that day alone!

    Agencies in attendance:

    • State Auditor’s Office 
    • Department of Commerce and Insurance 
    • Department of Economic Development 
    • Department of Elementary and Secondary Education 
    • Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development  
    • Department of Health and Senior Services 
    • Department of Mental Health  
    • Department of Natural Resources  
    • Department of Corrections 
    • Department of Labor and Industrial Relations 
    • Department of Revenue 
    • Department of Public Safety 
    • Department of Social Services 
    • Department of Agriculture 
    • Department of Conservation 
    • Department of Transportation 
    • Missouri State Public Defender 
    • Missouri National Guard 
    • Office of Administration 
    • Office of State Courts Administrator
    • Secretary of State

    Resource Area Vendors:

    • DHEWD with Resume Support 
    • DHEWD with Career Skills Program 
    • DSS with Workforce & Community Initiatives 
    • Dreams to Reality 
    • MCHCP 
    • MOSERS 
    • MO Deferred Comp
    • OA with the Office of Equal Opportunity

    Thank you to all the employers who were able to attend! This hiring event was a great success because of your efforts to promote employment with the State of Missouri.

  • Reminder: Scheduling Appointments in Advance

    May 16, 2024, 8:11 AM By MOSERS

    Your employees can always schedule an appointment in advance to meet with a benefit counselor in our office. This will result in a much shorter wait time and allow us to answer all their questions about retirement, life insurance, and long-term disability benefits.

    Counselors are available to assist members from 8 a.m. to noon and from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Our office is open during the noon hour for members who would like to drop off forms, but we also have a drop box outside our office available 24/7.

    Our benefit counselors can:

    • Print off benefit estimates during an appointment. 
    • Discuss retirement options. 
    • Demonstrate how to retire online. 
    • Provide personal assistance when submitting a claim for life insurance or long-term disability benefits.

    And so much more!

    Please encourage your employees to make an appointment in advance to meet with a benefit counselor, as our staff is limited in availability. They can contact us by calling (800) 827-1063 or (573) 632-6100.

    If employees would rather meet virtually instead of in-person, they can just let us know when they contact us to schedule an appointment. We will set it up through Microsoft Teams, making it easy to connect one-on-one with a benefit counselor.

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    Apr 17, 2024, 9:41 AM By MOSERS

    Phoenix Update

    Spring Cleaning Reminder

    Encourage Your Employees to Sign Up for a Webinar Today!

    Annual Benefit Statements are Available!

    Recently Updated Resources

  • Phoenix Update

    Apr 17, 2024, 9:40 AM By MOSERS

    If you attended Benefits U last fall, you may have heard about MOSERS' upcoming transition to a new pension administration system called Phoenix. The new system will store your employees' demographic, service, salary, and contribution records so we can administer benefits for your employees.

    As an employer representative who works closely with MOSERS, you will interact with Phoenix each pay period to ensure the accurate exchange of information from your agency to MOSERS. We have been working closely with our vendor to test the system and remain on track for deployment in the second half of 2024.

    Once we have identified a deployment date, we will begin sharing important information with you to help us complete the transition, including how you will receive access to the new system and attend a training session.

    In the meantime, please continue to send timely termination, transfer, and leave of absence forms to MOSERS for your employees and work monthly Aged Accounts Receivable (AAR) reports. Carrying past-due AAR errors can lead to inaccurate records for your employees and cause a potential backlog of work when we transition to Phoenix.

  • Spring Cleaning Reminder

    Apr 17, 2024, 9:39 AM By MOSERS

    Spring is here, and it’s a good time to remind your employees to clean up their life insurance beneficiary designations to make sure they are current. If they’ve had any family status changes, such as a marriage, divorce, legal separation, the birth or adoption of a child, or simply need to update a beneficiary’s name or address, they can review the beneficiaries listed in their Annual Benefit Statement. Beneficiary designations can be updated at any time by logging in to myMOSERS. Their beneficiary information will be displayed below their current life insurance coverage amount. They may change their designation while logged in by selecting Forms from the main menu, then Life Insurance Beneficiaries.

    *Conservation and College & University Employees (except Lincoln University and State Technical College of Missouri): As you know, some of their benefits (such as life insurance and disability coverage) are provided directly through their employer, so no information on these benefits will appear in their 2024 Annual Benefit Statement from MOSERS.

  • Encourage Your Employees to Sign Up for a Webinar Today!

    Apr 17, 2024, 9:38 AM By MOSERS

    We have designed our educational programs to help state employees learn information about their benefits as they progress through their careers and experience different life events along the way.

    Newer Employees & MOSERS Webinars – Employees can start learning about the state benefits administered by MOSERS, including pension plan features, life insurance, long-term disability, and their personal retirement savings plan options with MO Deferred Comp.

    • For employees who are newer to the state with at least six months but less than five years of service (not yet vested).
    • Speakers include MOSERS and MO Deferred Comp.
    • Sessions last approximately 2 hours.
    • Daytime sessions run from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
    • Evening sessions run from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

    Mid-Career Webinar – Employees can learn how different career and life events may affect their pension benefit.

    • For employees with at least five years of service (vested) and ten or more years until retirement eligibility.
    • Speakers include MOSERS and MO Deferred Comp.
    • Sessions last approximately 2.5 hours.
    • Daytime sessions are held from 9:30 a.m. to noon.
    • Evening sessions are held from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

    Stay up to date and visit our Education page frequently for more information, including schedules and how to register.

  • Annual Benefit Statements are Available!

    Apr 17, 2024, 9:37 AM By MOSERS

    Annual Benefit Statements for active members are available online. Employees can access their statements by logging in to myMOSERS, clicking on Online Documents, and then Document Express. From there, they can download and save or print it.

    Now is a good time to encourage your employees to review their Annual Benefit Statement. A significant part of their total compensation is represented through the value of the benefits they receive as a state employee, including:

    • Their MOSERS defined benefit pension plan
    • Healthcare benefits
    • Life insurance
    • Long-term disability insurance
    • The MO Deferred Comp Plan contribution match
    • Paid time off such as annual leave, sick leave, and holidays

    Their Annual Benefit Statement contains all this information in one convenient document.

    Employees who work in a retirement-eligible position and become vested will be eligible for a lifetime monthly benefit once they meet retirement eligibility. Their MOSERS defined benefit pension is guaranteed income in retirement for the rest of their life! The estimated monthly benefit highlighted on their Annual Benefit Statement is calculated based on a formula, which includes their years of service and final average pay. The longer they work, the higher their benefit!

  • Recently Updated Resources

    Apr 17, 2024, 9:36 AM By MOSERS

  • In This Edition

    Mar 14, 2024, 8:25 AM By MOSERS

    April is MOSERS Month!

    Updates Coming Soon to the Employer Web Pages!

    Hour Tracking for Non-Benefit-Eligible Employees

    Stay Up to Date with Status Change Form Submissions

    Important Reminders About Terminations

  • April is MOSERS Month!

    Mar 14, 2024, 8:20 AM By MOSERS

    We are looking forward to hosting our fourth annual MOSERS Month in April!

    Encourage your employees to join us this year as we follow the yellow brick road to the Wonderful World of Retirement. Each week, they will meet new characters and learn all about their MOSERS and MO Deferred Comp benefits.

    Dorothy and her friends, the Scarecrow, Lion, and Tin Man, will guide your employees down the path to the Emerald City. They will make stops along the way to learn about their Annual Benefit Statement, defined benefit pension, and retirement savings account with MO Deferred Comp.

    Your employees will have weekly opportunities to learn more about their benefits and can even participate in a survey for a chance to win a MOSERS Month prize pack. Let your employees know that MOSERS Month is coming soon to their inbox!

  • Updates Coming Soon to the Employer Web Pages!

    Mar 14, 2024, 8:15 AM By MOSERS
    Our team is working hard to improve the content and is making the navigation more user-friendly on the Employers page of the MOSERS public website. You will see updates in phases over the next few months. Stay tuned for more details in the next edition of HR Update!

  • Hour Tracking for Non-Benefit-Eligible Employees

    Mar 14, 2024, 8:10 AM By MOSERS
    We sometimes get asked when the tracking period starts for hourly employees hired into non-benefit-eligible positions.

    There is no tracking period from the MOSERS perspective. The decision to hire an employee into a benefit-eligible position is at the sole discretion of the employer and should be made at the time of hire using the following guidance:

    • Employees who work in positions that normally require at least 1,040 hours a year are eligible for benefits. 
    • The number of hours required by a position should be based on the number of hours expected during the normal course of business over a one-year period by position, regardless of whether the position is intended to be temporary or permanent in nature.
    Benefit-eligible employees are entitled to service and salary credit towards the calculation of their future pension and maintain life and long-term disability insurance through MOSERS (if applicable). As a result, the employer will remit retirement contributions and insurance premiums for all benefit-eligible employees with each paycheck.

  • Stay Up to Date with Status Change Form Submissions

    Mar 14, 2024, 8:05 AM By MOSERS

    Have you noticed that your reporting requirements for benefit-eligible employees are a breeze? Once you’ve entered them in SEBES, the process is on autopilot. You pay your employees, we collect their contributions, and give them service and salary credit towards their hard-earned future pension.

    However, for the small percentage of employees who have a change in status, such as an unpaid leave of absence, a transfer to another agency, or a termination of employment, we need your help! Don’t forget to access the secure Employer Login and submit a status change form. Your quick attention to these status changes helps us administer benefits accurately and, most importantly, reduces extra work on monthly error reports.

  • Important Reminders About Terminations

    Mar 14, 2024, 8:00 AM By MOSERS

    When submitting a Termination of Employment form for one of your employees, please consider the following:

    • For employees retiring directly from active employment, use the last calendar day of the month as the termination date.
    • For employees not retiring directly from active employment, use the last day actively employed or on a leave of absence (not including regular days off) as the termination date.
    • Delete the member’s work email (please keep the member’s personal email address on record).
    • Use the comments section sparingly! The comments section should be used in unique situations when you want to convey something not already captured on the termination form.

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    Feb 21, 2024, 8:04 AM By MOSERS

    An Easy Way to File for LTD

    Refund of Employee Contributions

    Benefit Education at Every Career Stage

    Recently Updated Resources

  • An Easy Way to File for LTD

    Feb 21, 2024, 8:03 AM By MOSERS

    If your employee needs to file a claim for long-term disability (LTD) benefits, you can bet it's a stressful time.

    Fortunately, our insurance carrier, The Standard, makes it very easy to file a claim. Your employee can skip the hassle of paperwork and initiate a claim by calling The Standard's Claim Intake Service Center at (844) 505-6026.

    Once you know your employee is filing a claim, complete the one-page Employer's Statement and email it to

    The Standard will review the claim and inform you and your employee of the outcome in writing.

    On a related note, MOSERS has a new on-site account specialist with The Standard. We're pleased to introduce you to Stephanie Latina. Stephanie is taking Thania Fitzgerald's place in reaching out to you occasionally for additional information while reviewing a claim.

    For more information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions About Filing A Long-Term Disability Claim or call an employer services analyst at (800) 827-1063 and select option 2.

  • Refund of Employee Contributions

    Feb 21, 2024, 8:02 AM By MOSERS

    When an MSEP 2011 or Judicial Plan 2011 employee leaves state employment and is not yet eligible for normal retirement, they may either take a refund of their employee contributions or leave their contributions with MOSERS. It’s an important decision that former employees should make carefully. You can point them to our Refund of Employee Contributions page for a review of all the factors that may weigh into their decision.

    MOSERS benefit counselors are always happy to assist current or former members in understanding their benefits and choices through MOSERS. Employees can reach a benefit counselor by calling (800) 827-1063 and selecting option 1.

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