The Colleges & Universities Retirement Plan (CURP) is a defined contribution plan administered by MOSERS for education employees at regional universities. Retirement income from the plan is dependent upon the employee’s plan account balance at retirement. The employee’s plan account balance is built from mandatory contributions to the plan and the investment returns generated from employee-selected investment options.

To be eligible for the CURP, you must:

The CURP is not available to technical or vocational school/college employees.

Immediately upon hire
Employee Contributions
Employees first hired on or after July 1, 2018 contribute 2% of payroll to the CURP. You can save additional retirement savings money through the State of Missouri Deferred Compensation Plan or any other retirement savings plan available through your university.
Employer Contributions
6% of payroll
Investment Options
Unless you choose to build your own portfolio, your contributions will be automatically invested in a lifecycle fund based on your date of birth and anticipated retirement age of 65. You’ll continue participating until you cease to be an eligible employee or you choose to become a member of a MOSERS defined benefit pension plan.
Transferring to MOSERS
After 6 years of participation in CURP, you may transfer to a MOSERS defined benefit plan. Effective January 1, 2021, upon transfer you will immediately become a vested member of the MSEP 2011 plan.
Distribution Options
If you leave employment under CURP, you may keep your money in CURP until a later date, withdraw your money using various distribution options, or roll it into another qualified retirement plan or IRA.