We understand it can be difficult to make important legal and financial decisions when you lose a loved one. Rest assured, we are here to help.

  • If a member dies prior to retirement, their specific pension plan will determine if, and when, survivor benefits will be paid.
  • If a retiree dies, the benefit payment option they elected at retirement will determine if we pay survivor benefits.
  • Active and retired members may have life insurance through MOSERS.
  • As an active member, if your spouse or child dies, you may be eligible to increase your optional life insurance without proving insurability. Log in to myMOSERS to complete and submit the Enrollment/Change Optional Life Insurance form.
  • If you are a beneficiary, you may be eligible for a refund of the member’s employee contributions.
  • If you are retired, elected a joint & survivor payment option, and your spouse dies first, you may be eligible for a pop-up of your monthly pension benefit.
  • Contact us as soon as possible when anyone receiving a MOSERS benefit dies.
  • MOSERS will send you a letter explaining any benefits available to you.
  • Apply. You must complete and return the forms we send to you. We can’t pay benefits to survivors and beneficiaries without the required documents.
  • Submit the death certificate and an acceptable proof-of-age-and-lawful-presence document.
  • If you want to have insurance proceeds pay funeral expenses, send us the assignment paperwork and an itemized statement of expenses from the funeral home.
  • Contact other benefit providers such as MO Deferred Comp, MCHCP, and Social Security.
  • Contact us when you have any significant life events (such as change in your marital status or the birth, adoption, or death of a family member). These events may impact your benefits.
  • Log in to myMOSERS to:
    • Update your personal information (mailing address, email address, phone numbers, etc.)
    • Review your service credit
    • See when you are eligible for retirement and what plan you are in
    • Review your Annual Benefit Statement
    • Get a benefit estimate and more

Reminder:  Contact us as soon as possible to notify us of the death of anyone receiving a MOSERS benefit (a member, survivor, anyone with a joint account, or anyone responsible for receiving a payment on behalf of a benefit recipient).

Timely notification by you helps us pay any benefits that may be due more quickly. Benefits may include a final payment, survivor payments, life insurance proceeds, and/or a refund of employee contributions. It also helps prevent overpayment of benefits and subsequent legal actions to recover overpayments.

We are diligent in our efforts to prevent and detect fraud. If necessary, we will seek legal action in suspected cases. Help us safeguard System assets. Contact us and/or anonymously report suspected fraud.