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  • Are Retirees Eligible for Travel Assistance?

    Feb 26, 2024, 8:34 AM By MOSERS
    I recall that as a state employee there was some type of Travel Assistance benefit, I forget the name of the company, but it was like a traveler assistance service if you were on a trip and ran into trouble. I don't recall more details than that. Is there something like that for retirees as well?
    MOSERS members who have basic life insurance through MOSERS are eligible for Travel Assistance when traveling more than 100 miles from home. Eligible spouses and children younger than age 25 are also covered. The service is provided by Assist America, Inc. For more information, check out the Travel Assistance Service Overview.

    Travel assistance includes:

    • 24-hour phone support with registered nurses.
    • Emergency ticket, passport, and credit card replacement.
    • Emergency medical evacuation, plus return travel for companions or return of dependent children during prolonged hospitalization.
    • Connection to interpreters, consular office, and local attorney.
    • Pre-trip services, such as passport and visa assistance.

    Travel Assistance is not travel insurance. Travel Assistance provides specific support services while traveling. Travel insurance provides monetary compensation for losses that occur while traveling.
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  • Travel Assistance for Members

    May 27, 2022, 10:44 AM By MOSERS

    Do I still have the travel assistance through standard if I have basic life insurance?

    Yes. Active members and retirees who have MOSERS basic life insurance* are eligible for travel assistance when traveling at least 100 miles from home or in a foreign country. Family members, including a spouse and children through age 25 are also covered. This includes help with trip planning, lost travel documents, and emergency medical or legal resources while you are away from home. The medical assistance includes help with locating medical care, 24-hour access to nurses by phone, and emergency transportation services. (Please note: Travel assistance is not the same as travel health insurance. Please contact your health insurance provider regarding health care coverage when travelling.)

    For more info, check out the Travel Assistance Service Overview. You can get the most out of Travel Assistance with the Assist America Mobile App.

    *MOSERS' life insurance is not available to employees of the Department of Conservation or state regional universities except for Lincoln University and State Technical College of Missouri.

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