Are you new to MOSERS, in the middle of your career, or getting ready to retire? We have redesigned our educational programs to include seminars to help you learn more about your benefits during any stage of your career! Seminar content is tailored to help you learn important information about your benefits as you progress through your career and experience different life events along the way. View our Education Poster and register for a seminar designed specifically for you!

Ready to Retire & Mid-Career Registration

Members must complete a one-step registration process to attend an in-person seminar or a two-step registration process to attend a webinar. Guest are welcome to attend the in-person Ready to Retire seminar with you.

Member Registration Process

Online Webinar

Members MUST complete a 2-step registration process for our online webinars.
Follow our step-by-step registration instructions for enrolling in a webinar via myMOSERS.

  1. myMOSERS registration.
  2. GoTo Webinar registration. The link to register for GoTo Webinar is located on the myMOSERS confirmation page. This step is required for you to receive instructions and the link to join the webinar.

Registration closes fifteen days prior to the scheduled Ready to Retire webinar.

In-Person Seminar
Ready to Retire Sessions Only

Members register through myMOSERS.

Registration closes seven days prior to the scheduled Ready to Retire seminar.

Guest Registration

If your guest is not a state employee, add your guest while registering through myMOSERS.

If your guest is also a state employee within 5 years of retirement eligibility, they should complete the registration process for the same seminar through myMOSERS to receive their own customized packet and benefit estimate.

MOSERS offers two different types of Ready to Retire Seminars: MSEP/MSEP 2000 and MSEP 2011. The information in each seminar will apply only to members who are in those specific plans. If your guest is in a different pension plan than you are, then your guest may need to attend a different type of seminar, in order to get accurate information on how their retirement plan works.

A confirmation will be sent to your MOSERS Document Express online mailbox (log in to view and print). If you do not receive a confirmation within one week of registering, contact MOSERS at (800) 827-1063 to verify your registration.

Reminder emails will be sent leading up to the seminar that contain details and helpful hints to prepare you for your seminar.


If you have questions about any of our seminars, need help registering, cancelling, or rescheduling, or if you would like for us to come to your agency or department for a group presentation, contact us at (800) 827-1063, (573) 632-6100, or email

Need to cancel? Have special needs? 

Unable to Attend?

Seminars are free and tend to fill rapidly. If you need to cancel and/or reschedule an in-person seminar, contact us at (800) 827-1063, (573) 632-6100, or email This will open a seat in the seminar and allow us to provide an accurate headcount to the caterer, venue, etc.

Special Needs

Contact us at (800) 827-1063 to make arrangements for special accommodations.

MOSERS' Cancellation/Weather Policy

We rarely cancel seminars; however, some situations may occur that would require cancellation on short notice.

Low Enrollment

A minimum of 15 participants is required per seminar. If we cancel a seminar or transition it to an online webinar due to low enrollment or an extenuating circumstance, we will notify you at least one week prior to the seminar date.

Unforeseen Circumstances, Inclement Weather, or Sudden Illness

If we must cancel a seminar due to unforeseen circumstance, inclement weather, or sudden illness, we will post a cancellation notice on the MOSERS website and Facebook.