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Thursday, December 13
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Please read the MOSERS Privacy Policy and Disclaimer before you use these calculators. The MOSERS calculators are for informational use only.

Comparison Calculator

This is an interactive tool designed for MOSERS members to compare how the dollar value of various retirement benefit payment options adds up over time.

Federal Tax Calculator

This calculator estimates tax withholding based on your marital status and the number of exemptions you claim.

Financial Calculators

Choose from a wide variety of calculators to help with many areas of personal finance. Options include mortgage, personal loan, credit card & debt management, auto loan, investment, retirement savings & planning calculators.

Optional Life Insurance Calculator

The premium rates for optional life insurance for yourself and your spouse are based on your age and are updated annually. Use this calculator to illustrate the cost of your optional life coverage.

Retirement Benefit Calculator

This calculator gives you an estimate of benefits based on your personal information contained in MOSERS records. Login to the right and then choose the option available to you in the Estimates section. (It will either be "Estimate Your Retirement Benefit" or "Benefit Estimate" depending on your employment status and plan membership.)

Service Purchase Calculator

This calculator estimates the cost of buying up to 4 years of active duty military service or non-vested public employment service within the State of Missouri. (Non-vested means you are not entitled to a retirement benefit from another public system for that service.)

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