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Thursday, August 22
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What is the BackDROP?
The Deferred Retirement Option Provision (BackDROP) may be an option available at retirement to general state employees in the Missouri State Employees’ Plan (MSEP) and the Missouri State Employees’ Plan 2000 (MSEP 2000). This option provides a way for you to receive a lump sum payment at retirement in addition to your ongoing monthly benefit.

How it works
If you elect the BackDROP, the monthly benefit payable on your actual retirement date is based on the benefit you would have been receiving had you left employment and retired on an earlier date, referred to as the BackDROP date. In addition, you will receive a lump sum payment equal to 90% of the Life Income Annuity amount you would have received during the BackDROP period.

To be eligible for the BackDROP, you must work in a MOSERS covered position at least two years beyond your normal retirement eligibility date.

BackDROP Date
You may select the BackDROP date used in calculating your retirement benefit. Selecting the BackDROP date gives you the opportunity to maximize your monthly benefit payment or lump sum amount.

Whatever BackDROP date you choose, it must meet both of the following requirements. It must be:

  • On or after the date you were first eligible for normal (unreduced) retirement benefits.
  • Within the five year period immediately prior to your actual retirement date.

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