Retiree Connection

Retiree Connection

Retiree Connection is a group of informed retirees we can contact (or who can contact us) when rumors or concerns arise that may affect MOSERS retirees.

Retiree Connection is not a lobbyist group nor a political action committee nor are members asked to take a position on proposed legislation. In addition to being a focus group for MOSERS, the group also previews and makes recommendations for the upcoming year’s Coffee Break program and acts as host for the Coffee Break seminars held in their region. The group meets twice a year to discuss issues of current interest and may have additional meetings if needed.

Meeting Schedule

Retiree Connection Contact Information:

Juanita Mummert
Assistant Benefits Officer - Education
Phone: (800) 827-1063 ext. 6138
Tricia Kliethermes
Education and Legal Specialist
Phone: (800) 827-1063 ext. 6194
Ms. Jandra Carter
Retiree From Social Services
St. Thomas, MO
Mr. Gary Findlay
Retiree Elected Board Member
Mr. David Gillispie
Retiree From Corrections
Farmington, MO
Mr. Dennis Hare
Retiree From Mental Health
Marshall, MO
Mr. Larry Hightower
Retiree From Economic Development
Kansas City, MO
Mr. Myron Holder
Retiree From Economic Development
Chilicothe, MO
Ms. Jacqueline Horton
Retiree From Mental Health
St. Louis, MO
Mr. Harry Kennedy
Retiree From the Judiciary
Jefferson City, MO
Mr. Henry Leaming
Retiree From Economic Development
Jasper, MO
Ms. Edith Nelson
Retiree From the Judiciary
Strafford, MO
Mr. Donnie Shuck
Retiree From Labor & Industrial Relations
Cape Girardeau, MO
Mr. Robert Sprehe
Retiree From Truman State University
Kirksville, MO 63501
Mr. Leon Wahlbrink
Retiree From Corrections
Osage Beach, MO