Employer Videos

Employer Videos illustrate how to use the Employer Login and how to complete reporting employee data to MOSERS.

Some portions of the videos do not match the design of the current MOSERS website but the instructions on using the Employer Login and employer processes are still accurate.

  • Reports Tab Video - Learn how to utilize the Reports, Lookup, and Miscellaneous tabs. These include the Eligible to Retire Report, Retirement Plan Lookup Feature, Service Report, Ordering Materials from MOSERS and linking to SEBES. December 2018, Time: 2:48 minutes
  • Forms Tab Video - Learn how to complete and submit the forms on the Forms tab including the Application to Correct Service, Leave/Back to Work, Notification of Change, Termination, and Transfer Forms. December 2018, Time: 6:53 minutes
  • Error Reports Tab Video - This video covers the reports found under the Error Reports tab EXCEPT the Aged Accounts Receivable and Terminated Reports which have their own video. Learn about the Active Pending Application, Missing E-Mail, MOSERS Invalid Address, Missing Beneficiary, SAM II Address Match, and Transfer Reports. December 2018, Time: 4:52 minutes 
  • Aged Accounts Receivable and Termination Error Reports Video - This video covers the Aged Accounts Receivable and Termination Reports found under the Error Reports tab.
  • Life Insurance Verification Video - Follow step-by-step instructions on how to complete the annual Life Insurance Verification Report that you are required to work every August. August 2018, Time: 1:48 minutes