Benefit Eligibility

It is the responsibility of the employer, not MOSERS, to determine if a position is eligible for MOSERS benefits. If you determine that a position is benefit eligible, then any person employed in that position is eligible for benefits.


See the definition of “Employee” in state law (104.1003 RSMo) to help determine if a position is benefit eligible. Generally speaking, an employee must work in a position normally requiring at least 1,040 hours per year to qualify for MOSERS benefits.



  • Determine whether or not a position is benefit eligible based on an analysis of the POSITION; not based on who will fill the position.
  • If you indicate that an employee is working in a benefit-eligible position:
    • Your department/agency/college/university must pay employer contributions for pension, life insurance, and long-term disability benefits (as applicable).
    • If the employee is a MOSERS retiree and they return to work in a benefit-eligible position, MOSERS will stop their pension benefit payments while they are working in a benefit-eligible position.
    • MSEP 2011 and Judicial Plan 2011 members who work in a benefit-eligible position must pay 4% member contributions to MOSERS (on a pre-tax basis through payroll deduction).
    • An employee who works in a benefit-eligible position will be eligible for future pension benefits once they attain the age and service requirements (as long as they don’t take a refund of their member contributions).
  • Review all positions periodically, especially part-time positions, to ensure they are properly designated as benefit eligible or non-benefit eligible.
  • Notify MOSERS if the status of an employee’s position changes.
  • Email us at if you need additional information.