Six Word Stories

We asked our Retiree Connection members to create a six-word story describing their thoughts on being a MOSERS retiree, a member of the Retiree Connection group and/or retirement in general.

What is a six-word story, you ask? It’s an entire story written in only six words. It has been said that Ernest Hemingway was the first to do this when he was challenged to write an entire story using only six words. It has also been said that writing teachers before Hemingway used this method as an exercise for their students as far back as the early 1900s. While we aren’t entirely sure how or when the use of six-word stories started, our Retiree Connection members certainly rose to the challenge to create their own and we are happy to share them with you.

What is your six-word story?

Let us know by emailing your story to

Ms. Jandra Carter

Retiree From Social Services
St. Thomas, MO

Mr. Gary Findlay

Retiree Elected Board Member
Retiree From Missouri State Employees' Retirement System
Jefferson City, MO


Mr. David Gillispie

Retiree From Corrections
Farmington, MO


Mr. Dennis Hare

Retiree From Mental Health
Marshall, MO


Mr. Larry Hightower

Retiree From Economic Development
Kansas City, MO


Mr. Myron Holder

Retiree From Economic Development
Chillicothe, MO


Ms. Jacqueline Horton

Retiree From Mental Health
St. Louis, MO


Mr. Harry Kennedy

Retiree From the Judiciary
Jefferson City, MO


Ms. Edith Nelson

Retiree From the Judiciary
Strafford, MO


Mr. Donnie Shuck

Retiree From Labor & Industrial Relations
Cape Girardeau, MO


Mr. Robert Sprehe

Retiree From Truman State University
Kirksville, MO


Mr. Leon Wahlbrink

Retiree From Corrections
Osage Beach, MO