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MOSERS offers educational PreRetirement planning seminars and here is what you need to know.

PreRetirement Planning 

Three Reasons Why You Should Attend a MOSERS PreRetirement Planning Seminar:

  1. Continue (or start) planning your future in retirement by considering how MOSERS, deferred compensation, MCHCP health insurance, and social security will affect you when you are no longer working in a benefit-eligible position with the state.
  2. Get an estimate of your MOSERS benefits individualized just for you!
  3. Learn what decisions you will make about your retirement and where to find help if you need it.

What is the best advice from retirees about retirement?  “Get a plan—NOW!”

PreRetirement Planning is designed for general state employees who are within five years of retirement (or already eligible).  This seminar explains your MOSERS retirement benefits and the decisions you make at retirement. Shortened PreRetirement evening sessions will be available again in some areas of the state. While the day sessions will also include information on deferred compensation, health insurance through MCHCP, and social security, the briefer evening sessions will not address these other benefits. These seminars are for members of MSEP and MSEP 2000 (not MSEP 2011). If you have any questions about MSEP 2011, please contact a MOSERS benefit counselor.

These educational opportunities are presented in various locations around the state beginning in February and continuing through November. Your spouse or guest is welcome to attend with you, whether or not he/she is a state employee. You can register online for the PreRetirement Seminar by logging on to your secure Member Login. If this is your first time logging on to the secure portion MOSERS' website, you must first register and set up your password.

Note: There is a $10 registration fee per person. Your spouse/guest is welcome to attend with you.

Money Matters

Money Matters workshops are designed for employees who want to know more about managing their finances and they are available by special request through individual departments. Those interested should visit with HR staff who may schedule a workshop onsite.

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