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Tuesday, July 23
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Jefferson City Tornado

Here for Your Benefit - Weathering the Storm

[Posted on 05/24/2019 at 8:46 AM]

Thank you to everyone who has contacted us to check on our well-being. Thankfully, all staff are safe and sound. We did not sustain any damage at the MOSERS office.

Your Check

Rest assured, we will send out all pension payments on schedule on May 31.

Checking on You

If you are a MOSERS retiree (or beneficiary) and your home was damaged by this tornado, please let us know.

  • Use the online form below to tell us about your situation.
  • Select “General Comment” from the drop-down.
  • Include your current contact information.
  • If you receive your benefit as a paper check but can no longer receive mail at that location, please call us at (573) 632-6100 or (800) 827-1063 no later than May 29.

Our hearts go out to all who are affected. We are grateful to all the emergency responders and public service employees in our community and surrounding communities who are working so hard to help those affected.

In response to the severe storms and tornadoes that hit Jefferson City, the American Red Cross has the following shelter locations open:

  • Thomas Jefferson Middle School 1201 Fairgrounds Road, Jefferson City, MO
  • Upper Elementary School FEMA Tornado Safe Room: 407 E 15th St, Eldon, MO
  • Eldon Community Center: 309 E 2nd St. Eldon, MO

If you need shelter, please bring clothing for a few days, bedding, toiletries, essential medication, and items for your children.

Check Out These Volunteer Opportunities

If you want to volunteer and assist with the community-wide disaster recovery efforts, here are some options:

  • United Way - Visit and stay tuned as those volunteer opportunities and needs continue to be updated. 
  • American Red Cross - You will first need a background check and training. To begin that process, please visit
  • Missouri State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) - You can register as a volunteer with SEMA at the old Sears store at the Capital Mall.

Comments or questions for MOSERS?

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Help us help others. If you have a question, others may too.
If your question is of general interest and has not already been addressed on Rumor Central, we may post it there. We won’t use your name, email address or any other individually identifying information.

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