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Thursday, March 21
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Board Rule Amendment

Board Member Designees

[Posted on 03/01/2019 at 2:12 PM]

An amendment to Board Rule 1-6 was adopted by the MOSERS Board of Trustees on February 21, 2019 and shall take effect on March 29, 2019. 

The proposed revisions to Board Rule 1-6 “Board Member Designees” assist in clarifying the statutory authority in Sections 37.010 and 30.120, RSMo. Per these statutes, the Commissioner of Administration and State Treasurer may delegate to subordinates or appoint employees, respectively, to assist them in their duties under the law. Under the proposed revisions, the Commission of Administration and the State Treasurer may delegate their duties, as a member of the MOSERS Board of Trustees, to any subordinate or employee, who has been properly appointed or delegated duties under the relevant statute. The proposed revisions also add documentation requirements.

You may submit written comments regarding this amendment to MOSERS Chief Counsel at any time prior to March 29, 2019. The Board will consider any comments received and has the authority to take additional action as it deems appropriate regarding these rules.

1-6 Board Member Designees

  1. The commissioner of administration may delegate the commissioner's his/her duties as a member of the MOSERS Board of Trustees to aany subordinate who has taken the same oath as the commissioner pursuant to Subsection 4 of Section 37.010, RSMo. The commissioner will advise the board chair of any such delegation.Such delegation shall be by the commissioner in writing, acknowledged by the designee in writing and submitted to MOSERS for its permanent records.
  2. The state treasurer may appoint an assistant treasurer or any other employee of the treasurer's office, who has been appointed and taken by the treasurer the oath of office pursuant to Section 30.120, RSMo., to perform may assume the state treasurer's duties as a member of the MOSERS Board of the treasurer's absence. Such appointment shall be by the state treasurer in writing, acknowledged by the appointee in writing and submitted to MOSERS for its permanent records.
  3. A person who serves as a designee on the MOSERS Board of Trustees, pursuant to section 1 or 2 of this board rule, shall be subject to Missouri Revised Statutes relating to MOSERS, MOSERS Governance Policies and MOSERS Board Rules in the same manner as a member of the Board of Trustees.1

[1] The board of trustees shall consist of the state treasurer, the commissioner of administration, two members of the senate appointed by the president pro tem of the senate, two members of the house of representatives appointed by the speaker of the house, two members appointed by the governor, and three members who are members of the system. Mo. Rev. Stat. §104.450.

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