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Monday, June 17
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The Stock Market & Your Benefit

[Posted on 02/14/2018 at 3:29 PM]

How will the volatility in the stock market affect my MOSERS monthly 
benefit payment? 

It won’t. Even if the markets are not predictable, your MOSERS benefit is. As a MOSERS member, you have a defined benefit pension plan. Your monthly benefit is calculated using a formula which is based on how long you worked for the state and how much you made while you were working. The amount of your monthly payment does not change based on ups and downs in the financial market. Furthermore, your defined benefit pension plan provides you with a lifetime benefit.

A Diversified Portfolio & Long-term Time Horizon Allow MOSERS To Withstand Volatility

MOSERS’ portfolio is diversified among various types of investments and uses various investment strategies. The purpose of diversification is to “not put all our eggs in one basket.” Having our outcomes tied to as many types of investments as possible allows us to weather storms better than just holding one asset. It does not guarantee we will avoid loss, but it gives us the best chance to minimize losses and be better positioned for the gains that will inevitably occur again in the future.

Over the course of the past 20 years, because of such diversification and professional management, 61% of MOSERS’ cash flows have come from investment returns. Even with the volatility of recent weeks, the MOSERS investment team and Board of Trustees continue to stay focused on their long-term investment objectives.

For more information, read Key Facts regarding MOSERS’ funding.

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