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Monday, June 17
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Play Ball: The MO Retirement Series

[Posted on 05/25/2016 at 4:15 PM]

Are you ready to slide head first into retirement planning? Beginning May 26, MOSERS, alongside MO Deferred Comp, will be hosting the MO Retirement Series game. Designed for MOSERS members at all career stages, this fun contest will challenge you to learn more about valuable retirement benefits. Those who complete the game will earn a free 24. oz. tumbler and be entered in the MO Deferred Comp Plan’s random prize drawing at State Employee Recognition Day.

 Here’s how it works.

 Receiving a Giveaway

About the Random Prize Drawing

Question #1

If you want to submit your MOSERS retirement application online (from the MOSERS website), what tab should you click on once you have logged in to your Member Homepage?

Question #2

Understanding where your money will come from when you decide to hang up the cleats is important. If you retire from state employment, what will be the major sources of retirement pay?

Question #3

If you want your date of retirement to be August 1, 2016, when is your Retirement Application due to MOSERS?

Question #4

Generally speaking, what's the optimal number of Target Date Funds a saver should invest in?

  • Hint: The deferred comp plan’s first quarter edition of the Simply Put newsletter gives you the lowdown on target date funds.

Question #5

What is the date of the next MOSERS Preretirement webinar for MSEP 2011 members?

Question #6

When can you enroll in the deferred comp plan?

  • Hint: Watch this video from the deferred comp plan’s America Saves Week festivities to learn exactly when employees can enroll.

    Question #7

    What was the topic (the heading) of the May 18, 2016 question posted on MOSERS’ Rumor Central blog?

    Question #8

    Name 1 of 3 fee-related questions you should ask any prospective financial adviser before working with them.

    • Hint: This handy checklist has a load of important questions you should ask financial advisers, including the answers to this question.

    Question #9

    What is the base benefit formula used to calculate retirement benefits for general state employees in the MSEP 2000 or MSEP 2011?

    Bonus Question

    Just like spring training helps players sharpen their skills, ongoing financial education can keep state employees in the game too. What is the location of Jonathan Binkley's Completing the Retirement Paycheck Puzzle seminar at 9am on June 28, 2016?

    • Hint: Event registration is a great place to view & sign up for individual appointments or seminars.

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