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Saturday, July 22
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New Member Resources

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SEBES diagram
Colleges and Universities: SEBES does not apply to “education employees” enrolled in CURP or those who transfer from CURP to MSEP 2000. Click on CURP in the left menu bar of the Employer Homepage on MOSERS’ website for information and forms.

All new hires will be enrolled through the Statewide Employee Benefit Enrollment System (SEBES). Through the SEBES website, the employee will be linked to each benefit provider’s website to make the desired elections.

Instructions for Employers

  1. Use either your MCHCP or MOSERS employer password to enter the new employee’s personal information in SEBES and SAM II (if applicable) on the employee’s hire date:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Home phone
    • Work phone
    • Email address (It is very important that we capture email addresses on new hires.)
    • Hire date
    • Salary
    • County of work
    • County of residence
    • Benefit eligibility
    • Gender
    • Marital status
    • Verification of lawful presence
  2. Job classification information for non-CURP employees (colleges and universities only)
  3. Write the SEBES 31-day deadline date on the enrollment card or benefit brochure and give it to the new employee.
  4. SAM II employers do not key deductions or fringes into SAM II for employee benefits.
  5. Effective 1/1/2011, Verify the retirement plan for all new hires.
  6. Effective 7/1/2012, New employees will be automatically enrolled in the deferred compensation plan at a 1% contribution. Auto enrollment applies to new permanent full-time and part-time employees (excludes university, rehires, and previous temporary or seasonal non-benefit-eligible employees).
    • Employees have 30 days to "opt out" of auto enrollment by adjusting their contribution amount to zero. It is important ESMTs are submitted in a timely fashion.

Instructions for the New Employee

  • The new employee will receive a special SEBES password by email or regular mail. The preferred method is by email. Regular mail will take longer and will use part of his/her 31-day enrollment period.
  • Using the special SEBES password, the employee will sign on to
  • For security reasons, the employee will be required to change the password before proceeding with benefit elections.
  • To enroll for MOSERS benefits, the employee will be linked to MOSERS’ website. When the enrollment is complete, they will be directed back to the SEBES website to select the next benefit and web confirmation will be sent to the employee.
  • New employees will be automatically enrolled in the deferred compensation plan. They will be linked to the deferred compensation plan's website (Account Access) and may adjust their contribution (up or down) or make beneficiary designations.
  • The employee will receive a confirmation notice from each benefit provider.
  • The SEBES website will remain open for 60 days, however, access to the MOSERS, MCHCP and ASI portions will shut down 31 days from the date of hire.
  • After the deadline, the employee must contact the appropriate benefit provider to enroll or make changes.
  • New employees wishing to "opt out" of the deferred compensation plan's auto enrollment must do so by adjusting their contribution to zero within 30 days of their hire date. Employees who opt out within this time frame will receive a refund of any contributions.

Need help? The SEBES helpdesk is at MCHCP. If you have any questions or problems, contact MCHCP customer support at (573) 751-0771 or 1-800-487-0771.

Employee Self Service Portal (ESS)

ESS ( is a secure web portal administered by the Office of Administration that provides convenient access to individual payroll stubs, deduction information, leave balances, statewide electronic payroll announcements, agency-specific announcements and benefit providers such as MOSERS, the deferred compensation plan, MCHCP, and the cafeteria plan. ESS is available to current and former employees who have received a paycheck issued through SAM II during the past five years. Active employees must provide their last name, the last four digits of their social security number, date of birth, agency, net pay from their last paycheck, and ZIP code of residence.

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