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Monday, July 24
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Long Term Disability (LTD)

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General Information

What the Member Should Know

A leave of absence approved by the agency ensures that no break in service occurs. It is important to remember, however, that an approved leave of absence does not guarantee a member will receive creditable service for the period of time on leave.

When a member misses an entire pay period, you must submit a Leave of Absence/Back to Work form to notify MOSERS of the leave. This form should be submitted in a timely manner so members are not behind on direct-bill payments.

When the member returns to work, this form must be completed again to remove him/her from direct-bill status. This will ensure the member does not pay direct-bill premiums when he/she is back to work.

A leave of absence due to a member’s illness is creditable service for a period of time up to one year. Additionally, in months where the member does not receive a full paycheck (or does not receive any pay) due to his/her illness, MOSERS will give credit for a full month’s salary as if the member had worked. Therefore, it’s very important that MOSERS is notified when these situations occur in order for final average compensation (high 36 consecutive months) to be calculated correctly.

If the member is on an illness leave for himself/herself, please submit a leave form even though the member is receiving pay so we can provide the employee with full salary credit. During a leave, the member is not required to retain coverage.

Important Notes

  • Only submit leave forms for members on an invalid leave only if they are going to miss a full payroll cycle.
  • When reporting salary on the Leave of Absence form, please include shift differential.

What the Member Should Know

The Standard life insurance contract specifies what coverage a member must continue in order to retain dependent coverage while on a leave of absence. The member must retain his/her basic life insurance in order to insure his/her child(ren) with optional coverage. The member must retain his/her optional life insurance coverage in order to keep optional life insurance coverage for a spouse.

MOSERS will automatically bill the member for basic life insurance, optional term life insurance, and LTD coverage.

If a member terminated optional life coverage while on leave, coverage will be reinstated automatically when the member returns to work at the same level of coverage. He/she will NOT have to prove insurability.

If a member goes on a leave of absence under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) for a family member, he/she will be eligible to receive service credit for up to 12 weeks. After 12 weeks, the leave is no longer creditable.

Employees may now have their basic, optional life insurance and/or LTD premiums automatically charged on their debit/credit card by completing and submitting the Autopay Authorization form online.

What the Employer Should Know

  • Prior to benefits being paid, proof of lawful presence must be verified. (See page 46)
  • If the member’s employment is being terminated because of a disability, please complete a Termination of Employment form. The form is available in electronic format.
  • No department may take any action that prohibits a member or former member from submitting a claim.
  • A termination for cause would not prohibit submission of an LTD claim.
  • Extensive Sick Leave: If a member is using extensive sick leave, to assist the employee with replacement of possible future lost income, viable options such as applying for LTD benefits or share leave should be discussed with the member.
  • FMLA: An employee does not have to wait until FMLA is exhausted to apply for LTD.

Applying for LTD Benefits

  • To apply for LTD benefits, the member must submit the following forms to Standard Insurance Company:
    • Member’s Statement (completed by member)
    • Attending Physician’s Statement (completed by physician)
    • Employer’s Statement (completed by employer)
    • Authorization to Obtain Information (completed by member)
  • Standard Insurance and MOSERS will notify the employer and the member when a determination of disability is made.
  • Inform the member that if he/she is not receiving payroll, MOSERS will direct-bill him/her each month for LTD and life
    insurance premiums. The member must pay premiums to retain the coverage.
  • If the member has MOSERS life insurance coverage, the member is automatically evaluated for waiver of premium by completing the LTD application.

Standard Insurance and the Workplace Possibilities Program

The Standard life insurance contract specifies what coverage a member must continue in order to retain dependent coverage while on a leave of absence. The member must retain his/her basic life insurance in order to insure his/her child(ren) with optional coverage. The member must retain his/her optional life insurance coverage in order to keep optional life insurance coverage for a spouse.

Standard Insurance Company's Employer's Statement

InstructionsStandard Insurance Claim Form

  • The payroll/personnel representative completes this form.
  • The Standard LTD Claim form can be found in the Employer section of the MOSERS website under Forms.
  • Please type or print clearly when completing.
  • The LTD form is a 15-page packet. The Employer’s Statement can be found on pages 13 and 14 of the packet.
    Mail the completed form and required attachments to Standard Insurance Company in the envelope provided.

    Standard Insurance Company
    Group LTD Benefits
    PO Box 2800
    Portland, OR 97208-9929
    Phone: (800) 378-4577
    Fax: (971) 321-7088
    Group Policy Number: 604201-B

United Healthcare Global Travel Assistance Included As Part of MOSERS Basic Life Insurance

Standard Insurance Company includes travel assistance with its group insurance policies through an arrangement with United Healthcare Global. This provides an additional sense of security for you and your eligible family members during travel more than 100 miles from home or internationally for trips of up to 180 days. There’s no enrollment process or additional cost – insured employees are automatically covered. This is available to active and retired members who have basic life insurance through MOSERS.

Services include:

  • Pre-trip assistance including passport, visa, weather and currency exchange information, health hazards advice and inoculation requirements.
  • Trip assistance including emergency ticket, credit card and passport replacement assistance, funds transfer assistance and missing baggage assistance.
  • Medical assistance including locating medical care providers and interpreter services.
  • Legal assistance including locating a local attorney, consular officer or bail bond services.
  • Emergency transportation services including arranging and paying for emergency evacuation to the nearest adequate medical facility and medically-necessary repatriation to the employee’s home, including repatriation of remains.*
  • Personal security services including logistical arrangements for ground transportation, housing and/or evacuation in the event of political unrest and social instability. In more complex situations, assists in making arrangements with providers of specialized security services.

See the Standard Insurance Company Travel Assistance brochure on MOSERS' website for more details. Print a wallet card to carry with you.

Travel Assistance is provided through an arrangement with United Healthcare Global Travel Assistance, which is not affiliated with The Standard. Travel Assistance is not an insurance product, except in Oregon and Washington.

* Emergency transportation services must be arranged by United Healthcare Global Travel Assistance. Related medical services, medical supplies and a medical escort are covered where applicable and necessary.


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