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Tuesday, June 18
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Error Reports Tab Video

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This videos covers the reports found under the “Error Reports” tab on the employers site EXCEPT the Aged Accounts Recievable and Terminated reports which have their own video.  Watch this video to learn about the Active Pending Application, Missing E-Mail, MOSERS Invalid Address, Missing Beneficiary, SAMII Address Match, and Transfer Reports.

Run Time: 4:52 minutes | Submitted on December 14, 2018
Presented by Katy Lacy, Human Resources Specialist

This video was created by staff of MOSERS.

Please Note...

  1. This video is intended for general state employees. Some information may not apply to Department of Conservation or the faculty and staff of Lincoln University, State Technical College of Missouri, other Missouri regional state colleges and universities; judges, legislators, or statewide elected officials.
  2. The material and examples in this video are general in nature and may not cover every situation.
  3. If differences exist between this video and the law or policies that govern MOSERS, the Revised Statutes of Missouri will prevail.

For more information regarding your MOSERS benefits, please explore the MOSERS website.  In addition to videos, you will find other benefit information, such as forms, handbooks and brochures, and access to your personal benefit information through the MOSERS secure Member Homepage.

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