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Wednesday, May 22
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Interest Applied to Member Contributions

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How Interest is Calculated and Applied to Member Contributions

MSEP 2011 (Regular State Employees, Legislators, Statewide Elected Officials)

If you were employed on June 30 of last year, interest will be credited this year on June 30 (and applied mid-July) based on the value of your account as of July 1 of last year.  Interest credits stop upon termination of employment if not vested. If you terminate employment and are vested, interest credits stop at retirement or death. Effective in 2014, interest is calculated using the 52-week Treasury bill rate.

Interest Rates on Contributions

Effective Date MSEP 2011 General State Employees,
Legislators, and Statewide Elected Officials
6/30/2019 2.347%
6/30/2018 1.243%
6/30/2017 0.570%
6/30/2016 0.295%
6/30/2015 0.112%
6/30/2014 0.162%
6/30/2013 4.000%
6/30/2012 4.000%
6/30/2011 0.000%
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