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Tuesday, August 20
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Welcome to MOSERS Benefits


Retirement Plan

MOSERS employees are members of the MOSERS retirement plan. The Plan is a non-contributory, defined benefit plan for members first employed prior to January 1, 2011. For employees hired on or after January 1, 2011 the plan is a contributory defined benefit plan with employees contributing 4% of their salary. When members retire, they get a guaranteed monthly benefit, with cost-of-living adjustments. Surviving spouses may also be eligible to receive a lifetime survivor benefit. Retirement benefits are based on total credited service and the highest 36 consecutive months of pay. The vesting requirement is 5 years of service. For more information see our retirement handbook.

Deferred Compensation Plan

MOSERS employees are eligible to participate in a 457 plan to save for retirement. Employees can make pre-tax and post-tax contributions to the plan. MOSERS provides a $25 match. For more information, visit MO Deferred Comp.

Long-Term Disability Insurance

This coverage is provided at no cost to employees. The coverage has a 90-day benefit waiting period in the event an employee becomes disabled and provides up to a 60% replacement of an employee's pre-disability earnings less any deductible income. While on long-term disability, members continue to accrue creditable service toward pension benefits. For more information see the LTD section of our website.

Life Insurance

MOSERS offers basic and optional term life insurance. Basic life insurance provides employees with life insurance of one times the employee's salary. This coverage is free to MOSERS employees. In addition, employees can elect additional life insurance, up to the lesser of 6 times the employee's annual salary or $800,000. The cost of this coverage is dependent on the employee's age.

Employees can purchase life insurance on their spouse in increments of $10,000. Coverage for an employee's spouse cannot exceed the optional life insurance coverage of an employee. The cost of the coverage is dependent on the employee's age.

Life insurance is also available for an employee's child(ren). For $2 per month, employees can cover all their children with $10,000 of coverage per child. The $2 premium is the same regardless of the number of children covered. For additional information see the life insurance section of our website.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is available to employees in the form of a PPO plan with deductibles and coinsurance or a high deductible health plan with a health savings account.

Prescription drug coverage is provided with all health insurance plan options. A prescription mail order program is also available. Premiums vary by the level of coverage choosen. Find additional information on the Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan's website.

Vision Insurance

The vision plan offers specific co-payments for services from network doctors and gives allowances when employees obtain services from non-network doctors. Find additional information on the Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan's website.

Dental Insurance

The dental plan offers a nationwide network of participating providers. Employees may choose network or non-network providers for treatment. Find additional information on the Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan's website.

Wellness Program & Disease Management Program

The Strive For Wellness program provides each participant with a wealth of information regarding healthy lifestyles. Employees can get support as they work toward their personal health goals. Health coaches are available to provide employees with educational information, health advice, and motivational techniques. Discounted health insurance premiums are available for employees who participate in the wellness program.

Employees with certain chronic diseases can participate in the Disease Management Program. This program translates employee's doctor's treatment plans into daily actions to improve employee's health and avoid health crises and relapses that can lead to emergency room visits. Find additional information on the Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan's website.

Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available to all active employees and members of their households and can be used to help prevent minor difficulties from developing into major problems. This benefit is provided at no charge to employees. Find additional information on the Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan's website.

Cafeteria Plan

The cafeteria plan allows employees to pay for health, dental, and vision insurance premiums and qualified voluntary products with pre-tax dollars. Employees can also pay for dependent care and out of pocket medical costs with pre-tax dollars. Find additional information on the Missouri State Employees' Cafeteria Plan's website.

Time Off

MOSERS employees earn 10 hours of vacation leave and 10 hours of sick leave per month. The vacation leave accrual goes up after 10 and 15 years of service. In addition, MOSERS offers 12 paid holidays a year.

Tuition Reimbursement

MOSERS may provide tuition reimbursement to employees who pursue degrees which are consistent with MOSERS' system objectives and mission statement.

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