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Friday, September 30
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MOSERS’ office is divided into six administrative sections that perform specific functions for the system.

MOSERS Organization Chart 

Senior Leaders

The executive services team provides administrative support by assisting the executive director and chief operations officer in the major legal, operational, and oversight functions of the retirement, benefit, communication programs, and clerical support. Human resources is also represented in this section.

Benefit Administration & Education

Benefit Administration & Education is responsible for all member data, benefit verifications and inceptions, as well as contact with the membership regarding the benefit programs administered by MOSERS (retirement, life insurance, and long-term disability). They also conduct educational seminars in 16-plus cities around the state each year and host webinars online to inform members about their MOSERS benefits. 

Financial & Facilities Oversight

The financial and facilities oversight department is responsible for all financial records of the programs administered by MOSERS, including the preparation of financial and statistical reports and purchasing functions for MOSERS. They interface with the investment consultant, internal investment managers, Office of Administration Accounting, State of Missouri employers, life insurance companies, actuaries, banks, and the IRS. They are also responsible for all billing, payment processing and balancing of member and employer contributions.  This section provides payroll, mail services, imaging, records management and general building maintenance.

Information Technology & Systems Development

Information Technology & Systems Development provides computer and technical design support for MOSERS’ data processing activities. This group is responsible for developing and maintaining the automated systems that are used to administer the plan. They are also responsible for the document imaging system, network, unified communication system and personal computers. Information Technology and the Performance Excellence & Public Relations section are jointly responsible for MOSERS’ website.


The investments staff provides investment management and consulting services to the system. Primary functions include managing assets internally, selecting external managers for portions of the portfolio, researching and implementing portfolio allocation shifts and rebalancing, providing technical advice, serving as a liaison to the investment community, and informing and advising the board and executive director on financial, economic, and political developments which may affect the system. The investments staff works closely with external investment consultants, legal counsel and the executive director. 

Performance Excellence & Public Relations

Budget & Quality Assurance

The responsibilities of this area include annual budget preparation (shared with Financial Oversight); monitoring of the appropriations process during the annual legislative session; benchmarking; business continuity preparation and planning; and business process mapping and analysis to identify process efficiencies and mitigate risk. They strive to deliver quality products to both internal and external stakeholders, and to provide a systematic examination and improvement of MOSERS’ budget and business processes to add value and improve the effectiveness, efficiencies, and adaptability of MOSERS’ operations. 

Communications & Strategic Planning

The Communications & Strategic Planning section is responsible for presenting information in clear and concise ways to facilitate effective, well-informed decision-making, planning, and action. They produce materials for members regarding the benefits administered by MOSERS including publications such as newsletters, handbooks, forms, brochures, and the annual report, and, jointly with IT & Systems Development, electronic materials and tools such as the public, board, secure member, and internal websites. For the organization, this section coordinates activities and processes that facilitate strategic thinking, planning, and implementation.

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