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Thursday, August 22
On Saturday August 24, 2019 we will be launching a new MOSERS public website. The website may be unavailable during the transition to the new website.
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MOSERS established this web site to provide members with general information about benefits.

All information provided on this web site and any benefit estimates or other financial calculations produced through this web site are not binding on MOSERS, its Board of Trustees, or the State of Missouri. Further, such information does not constitute a guarantee of benefits, an admission of liability or a waiver of any legal rights or arguments in any pending or future legal proceeding. All estimates, calculations, and the information they are based on are subject to final verification for accuracy by MOSERS prior to the payment of benefits.

Access to personal information is intended to be secure. However, there are risks inherent in providing personal information through any web site. MOSERS has made reasonable efforts to minimize these risks and will not be responsible for unauthorized access to personal information or any damages arising from such unauthorized access.

If there is a conflict between information on this web site and applicable law or administrative rules, the law and administrative rules will prevail.

If you wish to receive a written estimate of your projected retirement benefits from MOSERS or if you have any questions regarding information contained in this web site, please call us at 1-800-827-1063.

Missouri State Employees' Retirement System
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