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Saturday, October 20

Chapter 1 Procedures

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Responsibility for the operation and administration of MOSERS is vested in an eleven-member board of trustees.  

Additional Board Information

Read the rules with which our board governs MOSERS.

  1. 1-1 Rulemaking
  2. 1-2 Appeals to the Board
  3. 1-3 Confidentiality of Records
  4. 1-4 Charges for Documents
  5. 1-5 Board Election Procedures
  6. 1-6 Board Member Designees

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1-2 Appeals to the Board

  1. Members, beneficiaries, survivors, retirees, judges, administrative law judges and employers may request review by the board of trustees of the MOSERS of decisions by the executive director of MOSERS, or his/her designee, concerning eligibility for and/or the amount of benefits, service, contributions, refunds, and membership.
  2. Requests.
    1. The request for review must be stated in writing and addressed to the executive director or the board of trustees. The request must state what decision the board of trustees is being asked to review and what action the board of trustees is being asked to take.
    2. The request must be made within 60 days after the administrative decision has been mailed or otherwise communicated to the party making the request for review.
  3. The review will be held at the next regularly scheduled board meeting that is at least 30 days after the date on which the request for review is received unless another date is mutually agreed to by the parties. The party requesting review (the appellant) will be notified in writing of the date on which the board of trustees will conduct the review.
  4. MOSERS staff will prepare background material for the board of trustees, which will include documentation necessary for the board to review the decision, and at a minimum will include copies of correspondence, applicable statutes and regulations, and a summary of the issues and decision of the executive director of MOSERS or his/her designee. The background material will be supplied to the appellant at the same time it is provided to the board of trustees. Any requirements of law prohibiting reproduction or distribution of material will be observed.
  5. Reviews.
    1. Reviews will be held on an informal basis. No formal rules of evidence will be applied.
    2. The appellant may present additional documentation and testimony for the board of trustees to consider. Attendance by the appellant is not required, however, and the appellant may submit the additional information without being present at the meeting.
    3. The appellant must provide any documentation to be considered at least seven days before the meeting.
  6. Presentations.
    1. The board of trustees shall determine in its sole discretion the amount of time the appellant will have to make a presentation.
    2. The appellant may have another individual make the presentation, or assist in making the presentation, of information to the board of trustees. The appellant also may have additional witnesses at the board meeting, who can provide information to the board of trustees.
    3. Presentation of requests for review and of the information provided in connection with those requests will be conducted in closed session and all records related to the request for review will be maintained as closed records to preserve confidentiality of member information.
  7. After consideration of the background material and the appellant's information, the board of trustees will vote to confirm, reverse, or amend the administrative decision. Deliberations and voting will occur after the appellant and any representatives or witnesses have left the meeting and while the board of trustees is still in closed session. Normally the vote will occur at the same meeting as the review, but the board of trustees may request additional information or may require additional time to review information presented at the meeting. In those instances, the board of trustees will make its decision at the next regularly scheduled board meeting.
  8. The decision of the board of trustees will be communicated to the appellant in writing by the executive director of MOSERS. The notice of the decision will contain a statement of the decision and a brief explanation of the reasons for the decision.
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