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Monday, December 18
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A Closer Look at MOSERS

Exceeding Customer Expectations

Envisioning Your Future with MOSERS

[Posted on 04/02/2012 at 8:00 AM]

MOSERS encourages our members to be active participants in their financial planning, including understanding their MOSERS benefits. The President's Proclamation for National Financial Literacy Month in April 2012 said, "While our Government is taking decisive action to promote financial stability, our Nation's prosperity will ultimately depend on our willingness as individuals to empower ourselves and our families with financial knowledge." Of course, MOSERS has a role, too:

 Our vision is to improve the financial security of our membership—whatever their standing would be without MOSERS, it should be significantly better because of MOSERS.

In Your Words

Our benefits section helps members in person, whether you come into our office, call, email, or participate in an online chat session with a benefit counselor. We monitor and track these member contacts so we can improve customer service by hearing your feedback. After members go through the retirement process, many take a survey so we will know how to make the experience better. Here are some comments from recent surveys:

  • I could not have received better service.
  • I can't imagine a more professional, competent or friendly staff. Thank you!
  • [the benefit counselor] was very good at making the process easy to understand.
  • [the benefit counselor] was exceptional. She is very professional, patient, timely and her expertise is excellent.
  • The staff I met with there were very nice, helpful, energetic and had positive attitudes. It was a great and pleasurable experience.
  • Made this first time experience very easy and good about things. Keep up the good work, Thanks for everything.
  • He was very helpful and professional. He was easy to talk to and made me feel very comfortable with the whole idea of retirement. Retirement requires a lot of forms and decisions and he was patient and helpful.
  • I felt like a load had been lifted from my shoulders as I left there. [The benefit counselor] was so courteous and so helpful to me.


Throughout your career, you work hard to become vested, earn service credit, and build towards that all-important day when you are eligible to retire. At MOSERS, we will accompany you on the journey to retirement, to help you plan and make smart choices. Once you have been through the retirement process, it doesn’t end there. We have a long-term relationship with all of our members that extends past the moment when the retirement paperwork is signed and includes lifetime benefits and ongoing communication.

Exceeding Customer Expectations...

means that MOSERS employees go above and beyond what might be considered their normal job duties to ensure members understand their options at retirement, and that all questions are answered thoughtfully and thoroughly. We spend a lot of time listening and take your comments and suggestions to heart. This is part 1 of a 4-part series to illustrate how MOSERS envisions your retirement...with us!

MOSERS administers retirement benefits for most state employees, including members of the General Assembly, statewide elected officials, and judges. MOSERS is a defined benefit (DB) plan, meaning that members who are vested (work a set number of years in a benefit eligible position) receive a set benefit (based on salary and credited service) for life once a member terminates employment and meets the age and service requirements for retirement. In other words, the “benefit” is “defined” by the law. A DB plan can be either contributory or non-contributory. MOSERS is a non-contributory DB plan for employees who worked in a benefit-eligible position prior to 01/01/2011, and is a contributory DB plan for members employed in a MOSERS benefit-eligible position for the first time on or after 01/01/2011.

MOSERS is divided into seven administrative sections that perform specific functions for the system. Many of our employees have been with MOSERS for a long time, so there is a wealth of experience and knowledge of system history within each section.

How your retirement plan has evolved

We celebrated MOSERS’ 50th anniversary in 2007. The changes that have occurred at MOSERS through the years are documented in our online 50th Anniversary Museum.

Since then, on January 1, 2011, the Missouri State Employees’ Plan 2011 (MSEP 2011) was implemented. The changes to the current plan for new employees will help the state of Missouri continue to provide financial security for all members by maintaining the defined benefit plan culture. It is important to note that the state's defined benefit plan was preserved for all state employees, current and future.

What does this mean for you, our members?

Our goal is to provide our members with fast, efficient and cost-effective service. We aim to ease your fears regarding the retirement process, and to make it simple and as stress free as possible. Our staff members are dedicated to serving you and they go the extra mile to address all your questions and concerns along the way.

Internally, high standards are established for MOSERS staff performance. The Core Values driving us include:

Quality - Strive to exceed the expectations of internal and external customers through innovation, competence, and teamwork. Seek to "do it right" the first time.
Respect – Be sensitive to the needs of others, both within and outside of the organization. Be courteous, considerate, responsive, and professional.
Integrity – In all endeavors, act in an ethical, honest, and professional manner.
Openness – Be willing to listen to, and share information with, others. Be receptive to new ideas. Be trusting of others.
Accountability – Take ownership of and responsibility for actions and their results. Learn from mistakes. Control system risks and act to protect the security of member information and system assets.

These values mean we recognize the importance of what may seem like little things, like the timely processing of a form, impacts people’s lives, or that the information provided by one of our trainers at a Pre-Retirement seminar may impact an individual’s decision to retire or not.

Let us walk you through a portion of the retirement process with a MOSERS benefit counselor so you can go behind the scenes and see that you’re not just a number to us. We get to know our members during the steps leading up to and continuing throughout retirement. If you are not able to come see a counselor in person, remember that you can also call, click on our website, or chat online!

MOSERS Walks You Through the Retirement Process

Click for Video Transcript

MOSERS Walks You Through the Retirement Process

Hello, welcome to MOSERS. How may I help you? Need to talk about retirement? Sure. Let me get a retirement counselor. Just one moment….

Hi, I’m Anne. Would you like to come back to my office?

So, Betty, how can I help you today?

Well, I would like to retire. I went to a PreRetirement Seminar a few months ago … and they said I could go online on MOSERS’ website and complete my retirement papers …


… But I wanted to come in for a one-on-one consultation.

Well, that’s good. We always like to meet our members and so I’m glad that you came in today. So do you have a date in mind that you want to retire?

January 1 is the date I’m thinking about.

OK. How about if we run some estimates for you and then we can look at those? OK?

That would be great.

OK, and are you married?

Yes, I am.

OK, and your husband’s name, please?


And could I have his date of birth, please?

October 15, 1970.

All right. OK. Let me just get those for us, OK, and we’ll look at those.

All right.

OK, Betty. Since you started with the state prior to July 1, 2000, at retirement, you’ll choose between the MSEP and the MSEP 2000 plan. Now there’s different characteristics to each plan and oftentimes people want to know what the differences are and have it written down. So what we’ve done is we’ve compiled this brochure and it explains the differences between both plans. Now in addition to a plan, you’ll have to choose a payment option. The payment option is based upon a formula. The formula is made up of three variables, which is your service credit, your final average pay, and a multiplier. And I see that you have a lot of service credit here, so that has helped your benefit.

All right. Is my sick leave included into the estimate there?

Now that’s a great question. I see that you have a lot of sick leave, and yes it is. So the numbers that are reflected in the options here reflect your sick leave.

All right.

Are you thinking that you might want to retire or put in your application then?

Yes, and I’m thinking about January.

OK. Now what I can do is I can print up the paperwork for us, and we always retire only on the first of the month so January first will work for you?

Yes. That will be fine.

OK. Great. Great. OK. Let me print that paperwork out for you and then you can sign it, OK?

All right.

OK, Betty, I have your paperwork here. Now retirement is a two-step process. The first step involves completing the retirement application. So you can sign this and leave this today and then I will give you the rest of the paperwork to take home with you if you want to. And we’ll need that back … by law it has to be here the day before your retirement so it will be here December 31. If you want to fill it out and send it off earlier, we’re happy to do that, to take that for you.

All right, after I complete the retirement application, after I sign it, then what is next?

OK, the second step of the two-step process is … we will, once we process this application, we will then send you a retirement election form, and on the election form, you will choose whether you want the MSEP plan or the MSEP 2000. Then you’ll choose the monthly payment option that you want.

All right and when is my first payment?

The payments are made the last working day of the month.

All right. I believe I will go ahead and take the rest of the paperwork home …


… And the estimates you did for me so I can go over with George, and I will bring them back, make sure they are very well done …


… All the “I”s are dotted. So would you please tell me what your business hours are?

Sure, we’re open Monday through Friday from 7:30 in the morning until 4:30 in the afternoon. And if George has any questions about this, don’t hesitate to have him come in with you. You can ask to speak with me or the other benefit counselors here. We’re all here to help you.

All right. Thank you very much.

You’re welcome.

Special Thanks to Anne Rapp, Senior Benefits Counselor, MOSERS

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