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Tuesday, November 21
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Behind the Scenes at MOSERS

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Below is a 4-part, “behind the scenes at your retirement system,” series of interactive website pieces, showing the faces of our staff and our members. It is titled “Envisioning Your Future with MOSERS.”

To coincide with Financial Literacy Month (April) MOSERS released a new piece each of the first four Mondays in April, 2012. If you missed any of it, you may learn something new in this interactive series about your retirement system, our staff, or about defined benefit retirement plans in general.

Exceeding Customer Expectations

Our long-term relationship with our members continues throughout retirement, and we aim to ease the stress of the process through education, contact with our benefit counselors, and providing the tools to find exactly what you need online.

Outstanding Benefit Services

Retirement is all about you. We’re ready when you are, and there are many tools to maintain your connections with MOSERS even after you retire.

Professional Plan Administration

A defined benefit pension adds value to both Missouri, and to the lives of MOSERS retirees. We’re planning for your retirement...even if you aren’t yet.

Sound Investment Practices

MOSERS’ Investment staff members spend their days planning for your tomorrows. Get an insight into what motivates them every day.

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