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Tuesday, August 20
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We encourage you to review your Annual Benefit Statement and any Benefit Estimate carefully. The information used in these documents comes from several sources. While we strive for accuracy, it is possible that some portion of your records may contain an error. If your personal benefit information seems questionable (particularly your service and salary related information), please contact your human resources representative or a MOSERS benefit counselor as soon as possible.

At retirement, benefit amounts must be verified and, if necessary, corrected before any payments can be made. Last minute corrections could change the amount of your retirement benefit or your eligibility to receive a benefit.

MOSERS benefits are administered according to the Revised Statutes of Missouri and, if applicable, the policy of the insurance provider. If there is a discrepancy in the information provided, the statute and/or insurance policy will prevail.

There may be a time when a member or beneficiary questions our interpretation of the statutes and subsequent decisions. This would require a request for review and presentation to MOSERS’ Board of Trustees. The appeals process is explained in Section 1-2 of the Board Rules, which may be found on our website.

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