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Tuesday, July 23
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Retirement IQ

[Posted on 05/20/2015 at 9:57 AM]

Over the next three weeks, MOSERS and the State of Missouri Deferred Compensation Plan will be asking ten Retirement IQ questions to test your retirement benefit knowledge. Download the official game sheet  to play along and submit your answers at the end of the contest to win an insulated cooler. Learn more about the Retirement IQ Scavenger Hunt here.

Question 1

The road to retirement is long and winding. What's the name of the custom calculator - found on the State of Missouri Deferred Compensation Plan's website - that helps you map out a comprehensive retirement forecast that includes your pension, social security, and personal saving with the deferred compensation plan?

HINT: Educational-Resources/Calculators/RetiremenTrack.aspx

ANSWER: RetiremenTrack

Question 2

As a general state employee, if your retirement date is August 1st, when is the deadline to submit your retirement application?


ANSWER: June 30

Question 3

The deferred compensation plan’s monthly DC Updates are a fun and convenient way to stay up to date on important financial topics. In April, the Plan explored working with financial advisors. List one of the questions all savers should ask before working with a prospective financial advisor.

HINT: /DC-Update/2015/April-2015-DC-Update.aspx


  1. How do you charge for your services? or
  2. What are your certifications/designations? or
  3. What standard of care do you follow? or
  4. Are there any front- or back-end loads on my rollover?

Question 4

As a general state employee, how many years do you have to work for the state in a MOSERS benefit-eligible position in order to become vested?


ANSWER: 5 or 10 years

Question 5

During February’s America Saves week, we learned that man’s best friend knows more than simple tricks. What item did the backseat passenger request in Part 4 of the deferred compensation plan’s Savings Unleashed video campaign?


ANSWER: Chapstick

Question 6

What are the three parts of the MOSERS retirement benefit formula for a general state employee?


ANSWER: Credited Service x Final Average Pay x Multiplier

Question 7

The deferred compensation plan helps “real people” build “real savings”. Kay is one of those people and she has a very simple tip for other state employees. What is that savings tip?


ANSWER: Pay yourself first.

Question 8

What is the annual premium rate for $5,000 in MOSERS Optional Life Insurance for a 42-year old employee?


ANSWER: $9.60

Question 9

Retirement is a long journey and every journey needs a guide. Luckily for deferred compensation plan participants, local education specialists can point you in the right direction when the trail goes cold. How many education specialists serve the State of Missouri Deferred Compensation Plan and who represents your territory or agency

HINT: /Educational-Resources/Education-Specialists.aspx

ANSWER: Seven (Dale Rippelmeyer, Dale Stuckey, Tasha Reinkemeyer, Jon Binkley, Deboarh Taylor, David Gibson or Don Wilson)

Question 10

How many evening PreRetirement planning seminars will MOSERS offer in 2015?



More than 1,000 state employees submitted winning game sheets and will be awarded insulated coolers as part of the Retirement IQ Scavenger Hunt. This three-week-long event, co-sponsored by the deferred compensation plan and MOSERS, challenged state employees to answers pension and retirement savings questions. The contest culminated at Missouri State Employee Recognition Day on July 11.

For employees who were unable to pick up a cooler at Employee Recognition Day, an education specialist will be personally delivering it to your agency within the next few weeks. In addition to the giveaways, participating employees were also entered into the Plan's random prize drawing. Those winners are:

  • Carman Jamison - Goal-Specific Financial Plan ($175 value)
  • Cindy Heislen - $15 Restaurant Gift Card
  • Eric Foster - $15 Restaurant Gift Card
  • Janice Wieberg - $15 Restaurant Gift Card


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