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Monday, July 24
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Termination of Employment

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General Information

An employee’s date of termination and payroll must agree. For example, if a member last worked on October 31, but is not actually terminated from your agency until November, and will not receive a November payroll for the time worked, submit a leave of absence form to fill in the gap from the last day worked until the termination date.

If a member receives a payroll after the date of termination, send a memo or email explaining why he/she received this payroll (pay for work not previously reported, vacation, overtime, etc.) including a breakdown of the various dollar amounts and applicable pay periods. This information is needed for benefit calculation purposes when the member retires.

If a member abandons his/her job, please submit a Leave of Absence/Back to Work form online for the period between the time payroll runs out and the termination date.

Employees Retiring Directly From Active Employment

If you have an employee retiring directly from active employment, complete and submit a Termination of Employment form online.

Please submit the employee’s termination form no later than the first week of the month in which he/she is retiring. As a general rule, we must have all of the employee’s information entered in our system by the 9th of the month in which the employee is retiring. Retirement benefits cannot be verified until we have the employee’s:

  • Date of termination (provided on termination form)
  • Final pay (provided through payroll reports)
  • Unused sick leave balance (provided on SAM II report or termination form)*

* SAM II - If you are under the SAM II payroll system, the sick leave balances will be reported to MOSERS automatically. If you are not under the SAM II payroll system, you should continue to include unused sick leave balances on the employee’s termination form (even if the amount is “0”). These agencies include: House of Representatives, Senate, Legislative Research, Missouri Housing Development Commission, MCHCP, EIERA, Court of Appeals, Missouri Development Finance Board, and all regional colleges/universities. This also applies to the Department of Conservation. Payroll is not to be coded for retirement benefits if it is a nonrecurring lump sum payment (i.e. a payoff of accrued vacation time.)

Portability/Conversion of Life Insurance Changes

The Standard Life Insurance Company will be responsible for notifying your terminated employees of their portability and conversion rights to continue their life insurance coverage after employment. The Standard will receive a file of all terminated employees from MOSERS and will send all members a postcard notifying them of their rights to continue coverage if they are not eligible to continue the coverage as a retiree through MOSERS.

Termination of Employment Form

This form may be completed and submitted online through the secure Employer Homepage under the Forms menu option.

Termination of Employment Form
Payroll/Personnel completes entire form.

If you are aware of a member’s new address or email address, please put it on the termination form. Please delete employee's work email address at this time.

The termination date in Section B is the last day of work in a MOSERS benefit-eligible position. This person should not appear on the payroll coded for retirement or insurance after the date of termination.

  • Do not use this form if the member only wants to terminate optional term life insurance coverage.
    Submit the Enrollment/Change - Optional Life Insurance form instead.
  • For agencies that do not report sick leave in SAM II, unused sick leave should be reported in hours only (not days). If the employee has no sick leave, please enter “0.” Do not leave blank.

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