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Monday, December 18
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2015 Legislative Summary

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2015 Legislation Affecting MOSERS

Two bills affecting MOSERS were truly agreed to and finally passed by the legislature. They now await action by the Governor to become law.

  • CCS for SCS for HCS for HB 42 relating to elementary and secondary education - This proposal contains provisions that allow the Missouri Charter Public School Commission to employ staff including, but not limited to, an executive director. It permits the Commission to establish personnel, payroll, benefit, and other such systems as needed. Commission employees would be considered state employees for the purpose of membership in MOSERS as well as the Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan. Compensation paid by the Commission would constitute pay from a state department for purposes of accruing benefits under MOSERS.
  • SS to SCS for HB 799 - This proposal transfers Taney County from the 38th judicial circuit to a newly established 46th judicial circuit, effective January 1, 2017. It further specifies that the 38th judicial circuit is to be comprised solely of Christian County, resulting in both being single county circuits of the first classification. (Presently, the 38th judicial circuit is comprised of Taney and Christian Counties and is identified as a multi-county circuit.) The legislation further allows any juvenile court employee in a single county circuit that changed from a multi-county circuit on or after August 28, 2015, to be a state employee. These juvenile employees will be eligible to receive state provided benefits including retirement benefits from MOSERS and not be subject to restrictions set forth in Section 211.393, RSMo, that otherwise would prevent juvenile court employees employed in a single county circuit from receiving state-provided benefits.
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